sneak peak of some panels from my mini comic Vargr!

for INK

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my ink sketch from geniusbee​ came today! 

I love how she draws hermann T-T

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another year, another set of hellboy + nightcrawler stickers!

people had a lot of fun with the ones I made for MOCCA last year, so I thought I’d make a new set for this weekend C:

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"Hi! I came across your art blog and I absolutely love everything you do and I think your comics are SO beautiful and 100% matching my sense of aesthetics and I saw that you're selling copies of your comic book The Last Martian at an event, I was wondering if you have some sort of online shop so I can buy my own copy (as well as a copy for a friend who I know will love it). If it's not possible, I'm following your blog so if ever you can sell your comics online please let me know! :DDDDDDD"

Holy geez! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it ಥ‿ಥ

To answer your question, I’m selling my comic in person this weekend at NYC’s MoccaFest, but am more than willing to sell copies via tumblr to anyone who’s interested! I don’t have an online shop (yet), but as long as you’re willing to use paypal I’m more than happy to sell something you’d like to buy.

If you’d like a copy of the comic, go ahead and send me a message so I can get your address and give you payment information!

(I hope you don’t mind if I publish this, just in case anyone else is curious)

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how did these goobers manage to take back erebor.

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silly doodle…

idk, I like drawing newt’s teeny little legs uwu

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self-indulgent sketches of noooot and hermann around the time they joined the jaeger academy 

(man, you know hermann was a frumpy little hipster back in the day)

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oh my gosh, so many new followers?!? hello hello!

thanks for following :3

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majestic monday warm-ups uwu

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No matter how much we touch Mars, we’ll never touch it. We’ll get mad at it, and you know what we’ll do? We’ll rip it up, rip the skin off, and change it to fit ourselves.


Here’s a brief look at my junior cartooning thesis that I’ll be selling at MOCCA in a few weeks. It’s a 16 page adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s short story “And The Moon Be Still As Bright” from The Martian Chronicles

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