more lil’ mac + charlie doodles

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drew some lil’ mac + charlie doodles at carmine street today :3

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hey hey!

I was asked to be a storefront artist at carmine street comics today. If you’re in NYC feel free to stop by and say hello uwu

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a commission for merry-chases, who wanted her bro as a zombie killin’ vigilante for his birthday

happy birthday scott C:

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Often when I’m stuck I just self-indulgently draw little scenes from fanfics that I like, because why the heck not.

My current favorites are Designations Congruent With Things and Infinite Regress, Under Duress. (Tip: they’re good, go read them.)

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wallpaper meme! tagged by baskervelle!!

(who also drew my wallpaper say whaaaaaaaa-)

AHAHA this is the best thing

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"You art styles is so badass. it's really dynamic and lovely. Also your theme is rad as heck. Did you code it?"

AH thank you friend! :3

Heh, as for my theme…I’m fairly technologically challenged, tbh. I got the code from colorfulmetaphors way back when I first made this blog

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casual friday at the shatterdome! hermann is terribly scandalized.

(this is all michaelrookers fault)

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"Hi! I saw your dancing johnlock fanart and it reminds me a bit of Tintin by Hergé. What are your inspirations for your cartoon style(s)?"

Hey hey, thanks for the ask!

I don’t look much at Herge, tbh. My inspirations are along the lines of Mike Mignola, Rene Sterne, David Aja and Olivier Coipel.  

…I also ridiculously adore and religiously study geniusbee, flyingrotten and steendraws art C:

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my half of an art trade with petarvee!

featuring Jam and the beastie from his kickass comic “The Sisters” C:


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